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Al-Msoty Technology

We have about 19 Years Experience in IT Technologies.

We can Deploy, Build and Develop Networks, Computers and all related devices and/or requirements, All you need is a phone call to our company then you can consider your Office's Network is done.

what We do

IT Infrastructure

We can provide all IT infrastructure requirements, starting from the zero point up to a working Environment

Computer Repair

Checking, Fixing and Repairing all kind of PCs and Laptops, All-in-one, and MAC Computers/Laptops

Build Networks

By providing a wide Scope of Network devices and requirements like Servers, Switches and Routers, Cables


We are taking care of all Companies's IT Infrastructure by signing Contracts which provides the best maintenance for thier networks

Our Works

TripTik Aviation Services

TripTik is an unrivalled provider of ground handling and flight support services at all Sudanese airports, The company was born to challenge global and economic situations. TripTik Aviation Services

First Advisory Chamber in Turkey

Consulting Website which Receives applications, inquiries and questions of those looking for commercial, industrial, agricultural or real estate opportunities in Turkey. First Advisory Chamber in Turkey

Alki Sports Management and Players Marketing

Our specialty is to explore, develop and search for talent, and our company markets international players in the largest European and Arab clubs Alki Sports Management and Players Marketing

Money Collecting System

We made a System that helps the Money Collecting Team at a Hotel Reservations Agency, they can do their work using this system, for more information, kindly leave a message to us then we will contact you.

Online Books Library

We made an online Library with a goal of helping the people to get the materials and information they need for free, a new books are being added to the library frequently, to see the Library

AMT Articles

One of our Works also, it contains Posts of many Categories, such as Technology, News and Sports, it is a free source which gives a helping hand to novice people to start developing thier Blog projects from zero point, for more information, kindly leave a message to us then we will contact you.

Money Installments System

Also We made a System for a shop which is selling Electronic devices by monthly installments, the system helps the Manager to monitor and manage the installments of his clients, for more information, kindly leave a message to us then we will contact you.

Xavier University School of Medicine Istanbul

Xavier University School of Medicine Istanbul is located in Istanbul, the major city in Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. Xavier University School of Medicine Istanbul

Selsebil Realestates Company

A Turkish company based in Istanbul specialized in the field of ownership and realestate investment in Turkey. You can visit the company's website by clicking on the link: Selsebil Realestates Company

f . a . question

1. How Do I Keep My Laptop’s Battery Healthy?


Perform shallow discharges and don't leave it fully charged, Fully discharge it once a month and Keep it cool.


Most viruses attach themselves to executable files, but some can target a master boot record, autorun scripts, MS Office macros, Many of these viruses are designed to render your PC completely inoperable, while others simply delete or corrupt your files—the general point is that a virus is designed to cause havoc and break stuff.


Obviously, yanking out a drive while it's being written to could corrupt the data. However, even if the drive isn't actively being written to, you could still corrupt the data. By default, most operating systems use what's called write caching to get better performance out of your computer. When you write a file to another drive—like a flash drive—the OS waits to actually perform those actions until it has a number of requests to fulfill, and then it fulfills them all at once (this is more common when writing small files). When you hit that eject button, it tells your OS to flush the cache—that is, make sure all pending actions have been performed—so you can safely unplug the drive without any data corruption.


Privacy is dead, right? Facebook knows everything about you, and the world is still turning. Whether you don't mind companies knowing all about your private life or still feel completely uneasy at the idea, we often gloss over exactly why your personal data is worth protecting.


Some spam is obvious (“I lost 30 pounds and made $24356 in five hours by taking this special pill!”), but other messages are more subtle. A lot of spam relies oh “phishing,” in which a spammer will try to make their email look like it’s coming from a legitimate source in order to get your information. They may tell you to click a link that looks like it’s going to, but if you hover over it, you’ll see that it’s really going somewhere else—likely a PayPal-disguised site where you willingly type in your information.


Most of us put a lot of effort into finding free Wi-Fi, but public Wi-Fi networks have their own share of problems—particularly that it’s very insecure. Even if a Wi-Fi network has a password, other people on the network could see what you’re doing, or—if they were so inclinded—steal personal information and passwords. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to stay safe: make sure sharing is turned off, use HTTPS whenever possible, and run your traffic through a VPN.


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